Our academic glossary is meant as a reference to explain the most common terminology and abbreviations used at the University of Florida. Below are several terms that may have significant implications for you as a UF Online student:

Critical Tracking Criteria
The courses required for entry to a major; these courses are in bold (or otherwise noted) in the undergraduate catalog and on the degree audit.
Deficit Points
The number of grade points below a C average on credits attempted at the university. If the grade point average is less than a 2.0, there is a grade point deficit. Refer to grade point averaging and deficits in the academic regulations section of this catalog.
Degree Audit
A computerized evaluation of a student's progress towards completion of a degree. See One.uf.
Students with a grade point deficit of 15 or more will be placed on academic dismissal and will not be permitted further registration at UF.
A period of time beginning with the first day of classes when students can adjust schedules by dropping or adding courses or changing sections of a course. Courses dropped by 11:59 p.m. on the last day of drop/add are not subject to fees. Dropping a course after it has already begun can have academic and financial implications. Consult your academic advisor for information and assistance when considering dropping a course after the drop/add window.
Excess Hours
Credits exceeding a state-specified threshold of the degree requirements. Additional tuition is assessed for credit hours exceeding this threshold.
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. Click here to learn more about FERPA.
Grade Point Average (GPA)
The ratio of grade points earned to semester credits carried. The UF GPA is computed on University of Florida coursework only. The UF GPA is displayed to the hundredths place and not rounded up (i.e. 3.528 = 3.52).
Graduation Requirements
University-wide and college-specific requirements that must be met for graduation from UF.
Medical Withdrawal
Student drops all courses in a given term based on medical documentation. Fees for the semester will be refunded if a successful petition is filed within six months of given term.
On-track or Off-track
Refers to students who are (or are not) meeting degree requirements each term, according to their majors' critical tracking plans.
Preprofessional GPA
The grade point average achieved in the specific courses required for admission to a major; these courses generally are completed in the first two years of study and the required GPA is often higher than 2.0.
Probation, Academic
Any undergraduate with less than a 2.0 cumulative UF GPA shall be placed on academic probation while a grade point deficit exists. Refer to deficit points.
Classification of students as Florida residents or non-Florida residents for tuition purposes.
Universal Tracking System and Audits
UF's academic monitoring system, feature semester-by-semester plans for each major.
To drop all courses for a given term. Students are liable for fees and a grade of W will appear on the transcript for each course.