As a student, you will need to be keep track of important dates on the academic calendar and periodically may need to perform important administrative functions. Your advisors, enrollment coaches and teachers will try to help you keep track of everything, but you must take primary responsiblity for these dates and actions.


The Undergraduate Catalog is the official source for all degree program and academic requirements as well as institutional policies and procedures. The Catalog also contains detailed information about the majors and minors offered through UF Online.

Degree Audit

To view progress towards your degree, login to One.UF. Talk to your academic advisor if you have any questions.


Transferring Credit to UF

Refer to the Office of Admissions’ transfer credit evaluation practices as well as to the transfer credit policy for complete information.

Degree & Graduation

Withdrawing from UF

We understand many unexpected events may cause you to decide to withdraw from the University of Florida, but withdrawing has many important consequences, both academic and financial. To be sure you are making an informed decision, we urge you to contact your academic advisor and to review UF’s Withdrawal Policies.

Academic Terminology

You have probably noticed that we love our jargon. To understand better some of the most common terminology and abbreviations that you might encounter, review the content on the Academic Terminology page.