Congratulations on joining the Gator Nation!
You probably have a lot of questions on how to get started, but don’t worry, we’ll walk you through the process.

First Steps
  1. Create your GatorLink account
    GatorLink provides your computer identity at the university and access to a variety of UF computing services, such as email ( If you have not yet created your GatorLink account, follow the link above and then select “Create Account” from the right hand menu.
  2. Pay your tuition deposit (FRESHMAN ONLY)
    Complete the online Intent to Enroll form and pay your online tuition deposit no later than four weeks prior to the start of class. The tuition deposit will be applied to your UF account. If there is a credit balance on your account at the end of the registration drop/add period, the remaining balance will be refunded.
  3. Register for orientation
    UF Online students are required to complete their university online orientation, known as Links, prior to signing up for your first semester classes. Once you have been officially admitted by the university you can register for Links. The complete steps for registering for Links can be found through the Dean of Students website.
  4. Check your UF contact information
Second Steps
  1. Review your financial aid information
    • Apply for financial aid, by completing the FAFSA as soon as possible after January 1 and no later than early March to meet the March 15 priority deadline for financial aid.
    • If you are a Florida resident receiving bright futures, you can learn more about your Bright Futures award.
    • For students receiving Florida Prepaid, review information about your Prepaid package.
  2. For incoming Freshman (and transfer students who have not completed college level foreign language) have your high school send your high school transcripts to the Office of Admissions so we can verify your SAR data and confirm your high school graduation.
  3. Arrange to have any transcripts from other institutions (college, university or community college) or AP, IB, CLEP or AICE scores sent to the Office of Admissions.

Office of Admissions University of Florida P. O. Box 114000 Gainesville, FL 32611-4000

Before Your First Semester


  1. Complete Links, the orientation for UF Online students
  2. Get your GATORONE Card (Optional)
    Your GatorONE card will display your UFID and picture, which identifies you as a current UF student. Undergraduate UF Online students, including PaCE, are not required to obtain a GATORONE card, however it is required to access many on-campus resources. For more information visit the GATORONE card information page
  3. Meet virtually with your academic advisor
    Your advisor will be your personal guide throughout your UF academic career.
  4. Update your emergency contact information
    Under “UF Alerts”, remove the check for “UF Alert-Gainesville (UF Campus in Gainesville, FL)” so you will not be sent alerts related to the physical UF campus.

You must complete all four steps in order to register for classes!

Before Classes Begin

  1. Register for classes
  2. Review the UF Online Computing Requirements
    You will have the best experience with UF Online classes if your computer and internet connection meets or exceeds the specified standards.
  3. Review the University of Florida Student Handbook
  4. Register with the Disability Resource Center
    For students with learning, physical, psychological, or sensory disabilities requesting academic accommodations.
Every Semester
  1. Virtually meet with your academic advisor before registering for your next semester
  2. Update your emergency contact information
  3. Register for classes
  4. Virtually attend classes
Every Year
  1. Apply for financial aid
    • You may use UF’s Federal School Code– 001535–instead of our mailing address when you complete the FAFSA. Our mailing address:

      Student Financial Affairs
      PO Box 114025
      Gainesville, FL 32611-4025

    • Financial aid requests may be submitted after January 1st and before March 15th.