Timely payment of your tuition and fees is required.

Financial Aid

UF offers many financial aid options to help students, regardless of their class and college. On SFA’s site you will find information about how to apply for financial aid at UF, deadlines, and financial aid programs.


Living in Florida to attend UF will not, in itself, establish in-state residency for tuition purposes.  Please review these guidelines for in-state tuition requirements and contact the OneStop with any questions.

Cost of Attendance

Below is the average cost of attendance for the 2020-21 academic year for a full-time student enrolled in 30 credits. Your tuition and fees will vary depending on how many classes you take each semester and whether or not you are a Florida resident. Below the table is a more detailed description of how these costs are calculated.

UF Online UndergradUF Online Undergrad
Living with Parents
*Tuition / Fees$3,876$3,876
Books and Supplies1,2901,290
Computer/Cell Phone1,2601,260
Clothing Maintenance690690
Total Budget$17,146$8,526

* Out-of-state undergraduates should add $12,704 to tuition/fees.

How Budgets Are Calculated

Following is a brief description of how these budgets are derived. Budgets are based on a two-semester academic year.

  1. Tuition/Fees
    Fees for undergraduate students are based on an average of 30 credit hours of 0-4999 level courses multiplied by the cost per credit hour of $129.19 for in-state, rounded to the nearest dollar.
  2. Books and Supplies
    Costs are determined by averaging the total cost of books and supplies for a four-year accounting curriculum at the Campus Shop and Bookstore (with 25% of books purchased used at 75% of new book price, and assuming resale of 50% of texts at 50% of cost).
  3. Computer/Cell Phone Costs
    Computer costs built into student budgets are “annualized.” This means the figure is derived from one year’s monthly costs for purchase or lease of equipment (including printer) and annual software purchases/upgrades. These costs are figured over a four-year period.
  4. Housing and Meals
    Off-campus costs are based on an average of rates quoted by local apartments by phone survey (allowances are included for phone service and utilities). Food costs are based on Gator Dining’s Open Access 7 Day Meal Plan for on- or off-campus students and/or the Commuter 60 Block meal plan for students living at home. Food costs for UF Online students may vary.
  5. Transportation
    Transportation costs allow for weekly trips to library and/or bookstore.
  6. Personal
    The personal budget is based on the U.S. Department of Labor’s established personal costs, including laundry, toiletries, and miscellaneous expenses.
  7. Clothing Maintenance
    The budget for clothing maintenance is based on the U.S. Department of Labor’s established clothing maintenance costs.