In an effort to make your UF degree as affordable as possible, you are not required to pay the majority of student fees as a UF Online student. The fees which you are not required to pay include the following:

  1. Activity and Services Fees
  2. Health Fee
  3. Transportation Fee
  4. Athletic Fee

While these fees fund crucial services for our residential students, the majority of our online students are not in Gainesville and do not use the services associated with our physical campus in Gainesville. As a University committed to removing as many barriers as possible to the high quality undergraduate education that we offer, we have embraced this cost-reducing effort.

Optional Fee Package

We also recognize that some UF Online students choose to live near campus in Gainesville or Alachua County and do want to make use of the on-campus services and facilities supported by the fees above. Additionally some UF Online students have asked to be allowed to pay these four fees even though they are not required to pay them. In response to these requests starting in fall 2016, UF Online students (including PaCE students taking UF Online courses) will be able to purchase the UF Online Optional Fee Package. This optional package includes the fees listed above and will provide the same level of access to on-campus services and facilities as that of residential students.

Please review the FAQ below to find out more about the UF Online Optional Fee Package.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the UF Online Optional Fee Package?

The UF Online Optional Fee Package is designed to give UF Online students who choose to reside in (or frequently visit Gainesville) access to on campus student services. The all-inclusive package consists of the following:

  1. Activity & Services:
    1. Includes participation in recreational sports, intramurals, and club sports. This includes the use of the Southwest Recreation Center, Student Recreation & Fitness Center, Lake Wauburg and dozens of campus pools, courts and recreation fields. Please note: some recreational programs have additional fees and/or participation is determined by formal tryouts. To learn more, visit:
    2. Includes participation in Gator Nights, a late-night program offered on Fridays during the school year.
  2. Health Services:
    1. Includes access to the Student Health Care Center.
    2. Includes Counseling and Wellness Center intake and base services. Please note some circumstances may require referral to an off campus service provider.
  3. University Athletics: Includes student ticket pricing and seating access to the student section for athletic events. Please note this does not guarantee availability of tickets.
  4. Transportation: Includes unlimited rides on the Regional Transit System (RTS). Riders will need to present the bus driver the appropriate Gator 1 Card at the time of service.
Who can enroll in the UF Online Optional Fee Package?

Student enrolled in UF Online courses can enroll in this package. This includes PaCE students who take UF Online classes prior to transitioning to campus.

Are UF Online/PaCE students required to purchase this package?

No. This package is completely optional for UF Online/PaCE students and does not help or hinder students’ ability to succeed academically in their degree program.

How much does it cost?

The cost for the 2015-16 year is $46.21 per credit hour. This is the same cost per credit hour that on-campus students are required to pay for these services. For example, based on that rate, a student who has opted to pay the package and who has enrolled in 12 credits would owe $554.52 for the UF Online Optional Fee Package for that semester.

Please note: costs may vary each academic year. For the most up-to-date information, consult the Tuition & Fee Schedule maintained by the Bursar’s Office.

When is the package available?

UF Online and PaCE students will be able to opt in starting mid-late July 2016. Access to services included in the UF Online Optional Fee Package will begin fall 2016 for those who have opted-in by August 22, 2016. Those that chose to opt in after August 22, 2016, will be able to access services the following spring semester.

What should I know about opting in/out?

Once you join, you will continue in the package until you opt out. However, once you opt out you will not be able to rejoin.

How do I opt in?

To opt into the fee package, you will need to log into Gator 1 Central using your Gatorlink username and password.

When can I opt in?

The fee package is offered on a semester basis. You must opt into the package before the first day of classes for the term you want your services to begin. Opting in after the first day of classes will result in your services beginning at the start of the next term.

How will service providers know I am enrolled in the UF Online Optional Fee Package?

Your student ID card will provide you access to the services covered in this package. If you opt into the package before receiving your initial Gator 1 Card, you will receive the same ID card as our fee paying residential students. If you opt into the package after receiving your initial non-fee paying UF Online Gator 1 Card, then you will need to request a replacement Gator 1 Card in Gator 1 Central at There is a $15 cost to have the new card issued.

How do I opt out?

To opt out of the fee package, you will need to log into Gator 1 Central using your Gatorlink username and password.

When can I opt out?

The UF Online Optional Fee Package is offered on a semester basis. Once you are enrolled in the package, you may opt out at any time; however; you will be charged the fee for the remainder of the semester. If you opt out prior to the end of a semester, you will continue to receive all the benefits of the package until the end of that semester and your account will be adjusted accordingly for the next semester.

How will this affect my financial aid?

Your financial aid budget will not be increased to cover these optional costs; however, you can use financial aid to pay for these expenses. Participation in the package includes your authorization to use your Title IV financial aid disbursements to pay for this package.

Can I use Florida Prepaid to pay for this?

Yes, if you have the Florida Prepaid Local Fees Plan you may use that plan to assist with the cost of the UF Online Optional Fee Package. The Florida Prepaid Local Fee Plan will cover Health, Athletic, and Activity and Services Fees. The transportation fee is not covered by the Florida Prepaid Local Fees Plan. If you only have the Florida Prepaid Tuition Plan, this plan cannot be use to cover the cost of the optional fee package.

Can I use my state employee waiver to pay for this package?

Yes, your state employee waiver may be used for these charges up to 6 credit hours per semester.

Can I use military tuition assistance to pay for this package?

In most cases the answer is yes. However, the authority for the military tuition assistance is governed by your military sponsor. We advise that you verify the payment of the optional fee package cost with your appropriate military sponsor for details.

How will this affect my VA Benefits?

All VA benefits, except for the Post 9/11 GI Bill, may be used to pay for this package. The post 9/11 GI Bill only covers mandatory fees, whereas other VA benefits allow you to use your stipend for any of your expenses. If you are on active duty or attending less than half time, UF will not report this optional cost to the VA. UF will only report your total tuition and mandatory fees.

Can I access these services without enrolling in the UF Online Optional Fee Package?

Yes, you can access these services, but the cost will vary by services/department. The table provides information related to some of the most commonly requested services.

including gyms, intramurals, and club sports
Purchase a membership
Gainesville Bus Service
Purchase a student pass
Gator Dining Services
meal plans
Purchase a meal plan
Student Health Care Center Pay the optional health fee
Student tickets
for football, men’s basketball, and other athletic events
While you are not able to purchase tickets for football and men’s basketball at the reduced prices made possible by the Athletic Fee, you can purchase tickets in the student sections.
Who should I contact if I have additional questions?

If you have questions about the UF Online Optional Fee Package, please contact our Dean of Students Office at or 352-392-8396.