Below is a list of courses offered in UF Online during the 2023 Summer term.

Please contact your academic advisor for questions about how any of these courses might fit into your academic plan.

Visit the Schedule of Courses in ONE.UF for additional information about these courses.

1 General Education Codes:

The general education curriculum is organized around seven major program areas. All undergraduate students (except those transferring to UF with an A.A. from a public Florida colllege) are required to complete UF’s general education requirement to graduate.

  • B: Biological Sciences
  • C: Composition
  • D: Diversity
  • H: Humanities
  • N: International
  • M: Mathematics
  • P: Physical Sciences
  • S: Social and Behavioral

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2 Writing Requirement

To graduate, you must complete courses that involve substantial writing for a total of 24,000 words. Courses approved to meet this requirement will be in one of three categories:

  • Coursework with at least 2000 words
  • Coursework with at least 4000 words
  • Coursework with at least 6000 words

All sections of qualified courses may not offer substantial writing in a particular term. In the “Writing” column, the schedule of courses identifies the course sections and amount of writing credit (2, 4 or 6) awarded for a given term.

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3 Days and Periods

Most courses do not have designated meeting times. However some courses, such as some language courses, do require students to meet online during specific times. If the “Period” column is blank, then no meeting time has been specificed for the course.

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