Q: Can I apply to medical, dental, and veterinary schools as a student admitted via the Pathway to Campus Enrollment (PaCE) program?

A: Currently, not all health-related professional schools accept online undergraduate courses. As a result we suggest, in coordination with your advisor, that PaCE students interested in health-related professional schools take all perquisite courses as a residential student. Additional information can be found below.

Most majors availble to PaCE students could provide a pathway to medical, dental or veterinary school. However health-related professional schools recommend taking critical tracking courses face-to-face at the university level. Therefore, we recommend taking them residentially at a state university (e.g., University of Central Florida, Florida International University, or other state univeristy) rather than at a state college (Broward College, Santa Fe College, or other state college). If you take your critical tracking courses at a state university (other than the University of Florida) your pathway to campus admission is:

  1. Accept admission to UF through PaCE.
  2. Plan on taking the pre-health pre-requisite courses such as biology, chemistry, and possibly others face-to-face (not as an online course) as a transient student at a Florida state university (e.g., take courses at the University of Central Florida, University of South Florida, or other state univeristy). Talk to your academic advisor about which courses should be taken face-to-face rather than online.
  3. Complete the rest of the PaCE requirements.

It is essential that you coordinate your course selection with your UF advisor to ensure that you stay on track to graduate from the University of Florida.