Below is a list of common questions UF Online students have about services available to them.

UF online is one of the most cost effective ways to pursue a bacehlor’s degree at UF. We have carefully considered how to offer many of the services that our on-campus students experience and have come up with some creative solutions. By eliminating some services that would not be used by online students, we have been able to reduce costs even further. If you have questions about specific services, consult the FAQ below. Your program coach and academic advisor are also available to answer your questions -- don’t be shy.

Academic & General

What services, programs, and activities can UF Online students access?

Most current services, programs, and activities are accessible to UF Online students through websites or other modes of communication, such as career planning and other services through the Career Resource Center. In addition, the University of Florida is creating some programs designed specifically for UF Online students to build community and to offer professional development opportunities, and those will be specifically advertised directly to UF Online students. For a list of extracurricular activites and clubs, visit GatorConnect.

What type of academic support is available for UF Online students?

Online students have access to a wide variety of resources offered by several offices:

Are UF Online students subject to the Student Code of Conduct?

Yes, according to the Student Code of Conduct, “Student” shall be defined as any person admitted, enrolled or registered for study at the University of Florida. Persons not officially registered or enrolled for a particular term but who are eligible to enroll or have a continuing relationship with the University of Florida are considered students. Additionally, the University has jurisdiction over students at all times and in all locations. Any hearings needed to resolve a conduct matter will take place with the aid of appropriate technology.

It is the responsibility of every student to review and adhere at all times to the Student Conduct & Honor Code.

Can I pursue a double major or dual degree?

Yes, you are eligible to apply for a double major or dual degree as long as the second major is offered in UF Online (exception: Nursing students are not eligible to do dual degrees). Prospective student do not specify this during the admissions process, rather this is discussed with their academic advisor. At the time, they need to complete the appropriate form to designate the double major or dual degree. They will need to satisfy tracking requirements for both majors and be able to complete all of the coursework in a reasonable number of hours and terms. More information about double majors and dual degrees can be found here:

Can students participate in Career Showcase and use the Career Resource Center?

Yes, UF Online students have access to all services and activities offered by the Career Resource Center (CRC). Continuously ranked in the top five nationally, the Career Resource Center has many resources already available online including the award winning CHOMP program that assists students in determining potential majors and careers. The CRC has many programs specifically accessible for distance and online students, including workshops and the Certified Gator Professional Program.

Are UF Online students issued a Gator1 Card?

Yes, students will receive UF Online Gator1 cards. Normally new students will go through the process of acquiring the card before their first semester. UF Online students are also able to get domestic partner/spouse Gator 1 cards. For more information, visit the Gator1 Central website.

Can UF Online students register with the Disability Resource Center and receive accommodations?

Yes, the Disability Resource Center strives to provide quality services to all students with physical, learning, sensory or psychological disabilities, to educate them about their legal rights and responsibilities so that they can make informed decisions, and to foster a sense of empowerment so that they can engage in critical thinking and self-determination. UF Online students can visit the Disability Resource Center online at, call (352) 392-8568, or email for assistance.

What services are provided for UF Online students who are veterans?

The University of Florida is continuing its commitment to veterans by partnering with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) in support of the Post 9/11 GI Bill and the other VA benefit programs. The Office of the University Registrar serves as the liaison between the University, its students, and the various federal, state, and local agencies concerned with veterans’ benefits including the VA Regional Processing Office. Our goal is to provide the best possible service to students who are eligible for Veterans Education Benefits. More information about Veterans Services can be found online at

Veterans are also encouraged to contact the Collegiate Veterans Success Center at (352) 294-7233 to speak with another UF student veteran or one of the many people that staff the Center including staff from the Veteran’s Administration, the Career Resource Center, and other campus offices.

Are UF Online students required to attend Orientation?

New students do have to complete an online orientation program available through the Office of New Student and Family Programs called Links. This orientation introduces students to the culture of UF, its many resources, traditions, ways to be successful academically and much more. Once the student has completed orientation, he or she will be able to get a Gator1 card, complete their college orientation (only applicable to College of Business majors), meet with his/her academic advisor, and register for classes.

Can UF Online students participate in Study Abroad programs?

Yes, study abroad through a UF-approved program is possible. Studying abroad is an exciting opportunity for students to develop critical thinking skills and overall independence. More information about study abroad is available at the UF International Center website.

Do UF Online students access the UF Libraries?

UF Online students have full access to all library services. More information about library access and services for online and distance students.

Can UF Online students access Student Legal Services?

No, Student Legal Services is only available to students who pay Activity and Service Fees.

Can UF Online students access the services offered by the Office of the University Ombuds?

Yes, the purpose of the Ombuds office is to assist students in resolving problems and conflicts that arise in the course of interacting with the University of Florida. By considering problems in an unbiased way, the Ombuds works to achieve a fair resolution and works to protect the rights of all parties involved. Online Institute students can access the Office of the University Ombuds online at

What transitional programming is available for first time in college UF Online students?

The course First Year Florida (SLS 1102) is available for UF Online students and is primarily geared toward the first time in college students, but is open to all UF Online students. Gator First Year Experience programs such as Links, the online orientation, will assist new students in their transition to UF. In addition, many workshops provided to students to assist in their transition are available via the web or through direct contact with the workshop presenter.

Can UF Online students apply for University of Florida awards, such as Outstanding Senior Leader or Hall of Fame?

Yes, UF Online students qualify to apply for all student awards.

Can UF Online students purchase meal plans on campus?
Yes, the same meal plans available to all students are available to UF Online students. Off-campus students may be particularly interested in the Commuter Meal Plans. Read more about the meal plans.

Health & Wellness

If a UF Online student is in distress, who should be contacted?

Members of the UF Community care about one another. U Matter, We Care extends UF’s caring culture by educating our community about signs and symptoms of distress and provides students in distress with the appropriate resources. You can contact U Matter, We Care by phone at (352) 294-CARE (352-294-2273) or by email at and visit the website for more information.

What is the process for UF Online students to withdraw medically from a class or classes?

The Dean of Students Office helps students complete the necessary medical withdrawal petition paperwork for all courses or medical drops before or after the drop deadline for a medical withdrawal. Read more information about the medical withdrawal process.

Can students utilize services at the Counseling and Wellness Center?

UF Online students can access online services as well as the evening and weekend emergency support line at (352) 392-1265. Any UF Online student needing additional psychological or psychiatric assistance may contact the Counseling and Wellness Center to receive a referral to a service provider in the student’s area.

What online programs does GatorWell Health Promotions offer for UF Online students?

Because health is vital to learning, GatorWell Health Promotion Services supports student success by providing excellent, accessible, and relevant health information, programs & services, and provides leadership for health-enhancing policy. GatorWell’s website provides a variety of options for Online Institute students.

Can students access UF health services?

Students are encouraged to utilize the self-help materials available on the Student Health Care Center website. UF Online students are not eligible to enroll in UF Health Student Health Insurance.

Extracurricular Activities

Can UF Online students hold leadership positions in student organizations?

Yes, UF Online students may hold leadership positions in students organizations as long as they meet the qualifications for leadership positions of UF and the organizations per university regulations.

Can UF Online students join fraternities and sororities?

In order to join or be an active member in a social fraternity or sorority, a student must be enrolled at the University of Florida. Social fraternities and sororities have chapters at the University of Florida, but are national organizations with many different eligibility policies of their own. Examples of these eligibility requirements may include a minimum grade point average and/or a minimum number of enrolled credit hours in order to join or remain active in that particular organization.

Knowing the eligibility requirements for each fraternity or sorority is the responsibility of the student seeking membership. Additionally, to reside in an approved social fraternity or sorority chapter facility (or house), one must be an enrolled, degree-seeking University of Florida student who is an active member of the respective chapter. We encourage our students to inquire about a chapter’s membership requirements and its policies on remaining an active member. UF defines enrolled as registered for at least one credit hour for the semester in question.

Can UF Online students use the UF recreation and fitness centers?

Since UF Online students do not pay the Activity and Services fees, they do not have automatic access to the Rec Centers. However currently enrolled UF Online students can purchase a non-fee paying student membership each semester in order to use the on-campus Rec Centers and participate in intramural sports. Students outside of the Gainesville area may also want to check out the Recreational Sports video channel, which includes “Trainer Time” and other fitness training videos.

Can UF Online students live on campus?

No, UF Online students are not allowed to live in on-campus housing.

If UF Online students are in Gainesville, may they access on campus resources?

While UF Online students do not have access to the student rec centers and other facilities supported by student fees, UF Online students are always welcomed on campus. All students are invited and encouraged to participate in non-fee supported activites and events.

Can UF Online students purchase student tickets for athletic events, performing arts events and speaker events?

Many events on campus (or streamed live) are available to the general public, and UF Online students are always welcome to attend and purchase tickets. However since UF Online students do not pay student activity fees or the athletic fee, they cannot access student tickets for athletic or other events on campus.

Can UF Online students take part in TRIP events?

Yes, UF Online students may sign up for and participate in Travel and Recreation Program (TRiP) events.

Can a UF Online student join the UF Honors Program?

No, at this time UF Online students are not be able to participate in the UF Honors Program. However, UF Online students may certainly graduate with honors (as noted on their transcript and diploma) according to the University Catalog and pursue higher or highest honors with a thesis or other culminating project as specified in the catalog.

What programs are available for family members of UF Online students?

Family members are able to participate in the online Family Chat program, bi-monthly online chats with campus staff, faculty and students. Family members are also welcome to attend either the fall or spring Family Weekend Events.